[MPlayer-users] riva128 and dvd

Michael J. Bush bushmj at muohio.edu
Tue Mar 26 01:03:01 CET 2002

I was hoping someone could tell me what the fastest output mode is for a
riva128? I'm trying to play dvds, and they're too choppy to be
enjoyable. Right now, I'm using dga output; I've tried using sdl:dga,
but it bails, saying:
"set_fullmode: SDL_SetVideoMode failed: No matching video mode found"
I've fed my XF86Config-4 file as many modelines as I can think of, and
they seem to work, but I don't know what specific mode it wants....

fbdev just manages to crash my machine hard. I've RTFM'd up and down,
but I still don't know what to do, but I did see the author of the
documentation uses a riva128, so that gives me hope. 

anyway, I've got a P-II 450 and a riva128 8 meg card - is there any hope
of playing dvds? don't make me dual-boot....

thank you for any assistance....

mike bush

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