[MPlayer-users] Neomagic 256XL+ (NM2380) Xv driver?

Ken Acmens kpacam at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 26 00:32:02 CET 2002


I'm looking for an Linux xv driver for the neomagic 256XL+ (NM2380) 
video chip in my Sony PCG-F560 notebook computer.  I'd like to get dvd 
movie playback to run more smoothly.

I noticed there was a link to such a driver on the following page:

Unfortunately, the link ( 
) doesn't work because the file isn't in that directory.

Can someone send me the file or point me in the right direction please?

For those who have tried the driver, how do you like it?

Since I couldn't get the file I was after, I tried the 
file.  It works just fine, but I don't think it supports xv because the 
xvinfo command reports that "no adapters present".  Is this correct? 
 Also, I couldn't detect any dvd playback difference over the 'stock' 
4.1 driver.

I'm currently running totally stock Redhat 7.2 (XFree86 Version 4.1.0 
(Red Hat Linux release: 4.1.0-3)).

If I get my hands on the neomagic_drv.o.4.2.0.bz2 file, I'll need to 
upgrade to 4.2.0.  Does anyone know of a good rpm (or similar 
idiot-proof method) of upgrading?  I tried the installing from here 
ftp://ftp.xfree86.org/pub/XFree86/4.2.0/binaries/Linux-ix86-glibc22 , 
but that didn't quite work (lost my mouse pointer under X and the Redhat 
Xconfigurator stopped working ).


Ken (not having much luck)

* *

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