[MPlayer-users] MPlayer 20020324 Skin default dir's changed?

oliver oliver at are-b.org
Sun Mar 24 18:35:02 CET 2002

Hi, was using Mplayer the current version of mplayer about 2 weeks ago, 
and it worked almost perfectly, I decided to check out the latest CVS of 
mplayer about 2 days ago, and again today, but The GUI doesn't seem to 
work anymore. lots of GTK asstion crashes etc. Also, when i use the 
plain commandline mplayer, Mplayer changes resolution, which is ok if it 
likes that, but it doesn't change the resolution of the video (like the 
old MPlayer 0.60 method) when switching in FS. and the AR in windowed 
mode is all messed up. Any hins?

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