[MPlayer-users] bugreport, dvd, ac3 mono -> no sound

Peter yssob at gmx.de
Sun Mar 24 12:22:01 CET 2002


I do save reporting kernelversion, etc., because I think it's not 

mplayer 0.60 called with this command:

mplayer -alang de,en -lircconf /etc/lircrc -ao oss:/dev/em8300_ma 
-vc mpegpes -vo dxr3 -dvd 1 /dev/dvd

playing dvd usually works. But this dvd ( Title: Oceans 11, 
Original from 1960, Frank Sinatra, css used) is only played without 
sound throwing this message (only a part):

Detected audio codec: [a52] drv:14 (AC3-liba52)
Using 3DNow optimized IMDCT transform
AC3: 1.0 (mono)  48000 Hz  192.0 kbit/s
Unimplemented resampler for mode 0x1 -> 1 channels conversion - 
Contact MPlayer developers!
a52: no resampler. try different channel setup!
Couldn't initialize audio codec! -> nosound



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