[MPlayer-users] bug report (the new -mf option)

mammique mammique at lamenagerie.com
Sat Mar 23 03:14:01 CET 2002

i resend this message in 2 parts because joint files exeded the quota

> hmm. i know where is the problem (it calls init_vo_vaa before config() in
> libvo) it will be fixed soon (needs soem design chanegs - so don't expect it
> very soon). for a workaround, -vo x11 should work. (it's a bug of -vo xv
> only)

exact, mplayer doesn't crash with x11 output, but (there is always a
"but" :-p) there are bugs in rendering. The image is interlaced in
diagonal like if every first pixel of each line were decaled on the
right (joint example mf_jpg_x11_360x240.jpg). the sources images are
360x240 (joint example Capture_0048.jpg) but i saw mplayer writting
somewhere 368x240

*** Allocating mp_image_t, 368x240x24bpp RGB packed, 264960 bytes

so i tried to launch mplayer with those values and i had a different
result, the image is rgb interlaced verticaly, grayscale rendered and
decaled on the left (joint example mf_jpg_x11_368x240.jpg). i have
similar results with width upper than 360, and similar results of the
first bug with width value <= to 360.

i've got the same result with png images but every time in true
grayscale (no interlaced rgb like mf_jpg_x11_368x240.jpg)

i think it's a x11 specifc bug, is tit possible to correct it ?

> anyway -ss is float, so it whould work for file formats supporting seeking
> to exact frame.

great :) i think it will be usable to do frame by frame work. if -mf
could support it :).

hum... i 'd like to know if it will be possible to give a float
framerate to -mf, it would be very intersting to create animation movie.

thank you :)
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