[MPlayer-users] OT: Linux-Graphics Card with TV-Out

Hermann Himmelbauer dusty at strike.wu-wien.ac.at
Fri Mar 22 18:31:01 CET 2002

At first I have to apologize if this mail is too off topic for you.

Do you know a recent and good (not too expensive) Graphics Card with TV-out 
with a Linux driver that supports this TV-Out?

Today I bought a Matrox G550 Dual Head (with TV out). I was told that this 
card has excellent Linux drivers, Matrox itself writes drivers for it. After 
downloading the latest drivers for X11 from Matrox I read in the README that 
TV-out is only supported on the G400 but NOT at the recent products 
(G450/G550). I took a look at the newgroups and the Matrox support forum and 
I read that Matrox will probably never (!) support TV-out with Linux, they 
are even considering to give up driver support for Linux at all. What a mess! 
That's really frustrating as it seems buying this card was absolutely 
useless. I hope I can give it back.

Anyway, Matrox released the source of their driver: Do you know if anyone is 
trying to write this TV-out stuff?

Before this I always used my old Matrox G400, a special monitor cable to the 
RGB input of my TV and a special Modeline in X11. This worked somehow but had 
a lot of problems. (No way to connect this to a VCR, modeline can't be 
displayed on Monitor etc.). Due to those issues I want to switch to a better 
PC->TV solution.

After a little google search it seems  that there is no graphic card 
available that has good Linux-TV-out support. It seems that the nvidia TV-out 
is a mess under Linux, I could not find anything about ATI. What solution do 
you use for TV-out?

Do you have any hint for me?

		Best Regards,

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