[MPlayer-users] Re: Re: hmm, arpi said that isnt used, contact the developers, thats weird (Michael Niedermayer)

Michael roxus at cox.net
Fri Mar 22 05:30:01 CET 2002


 >> Sorry, I prolly should  have been a little clearer.
 >> Yes I did try this, my answer wasn't a knee-jerk reaction.
 >> But the same effect occured.
 >> Did you mean the entire problem should be fixed now (so checkout the latest
 >> CVS) or just the psychadelic effect should now be fixed (again, CO CVS) or
 >> it *should* have been fixed, but it's not in my instance ?
 > i meant that the entire thing should be fixed now and u should cvs update or
 > CO CVS or whatever ...sorry for beiing unclear

Yep, the picture is all fixed up now...thanx
Now the sound has gone foobar with this latest update :(

I think I can make out real words, but it sounds like it's underwater

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