[MPlayer-users] Vobsub without .ifo? (was: Re: ugly subtiles)

tianjy at jippii.fi tianjy at jippii.fi
Thu Mar 21 22:42:01 CET 2002

> Thank you. I want to ask another question. MPlayer can use
> vobsub subtitles. But now some vobsub subtitles have no
> .ifo file. Can mplayer work without .ifo file?

In case people missed this one, I'm also interested in this one. I'm 
using a CVS-version from a few days ago, and have "VobSub: Can't open 
IFO file: No such file or directory" when trying to view a movie with 
.avi, .sub and .idx files, but no .ifo. No subtitles are shown, even 
when trying various -vobsubid choices.

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