[MPlayer-users] svgalib hides keyboard input

Chris Phillips chris at cakenet.dynu.com
Thu Mar 21 18:41:02 CET 2002

> > when i use the svgalib output on a console and quit mplayer, none of the
> > keyboard input shows up, meannig i need to run reset to be able to use
> > the console properly again. my fault, mandrakes, or yours? vesa works
> > fine.

> This is probably not an svgalib related thing. I use -vo {x11,xv} and 
> experience the same thing. My system is Mandrake, too. Maybe it's the shell. 
> I use bash... U?

i've found it's only with svgalib, both inside and outside of X it messes 
up the terminal, even when the operation fails due to device access rights 
or console ownership.


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