[MPlayer-users] 16bit DivX on G400 TV-Out

Thomas Larsen thomas at kampvogn.dk
Thu Mar 21 17:42:01 CET 2002


I got a movieplaying computer using the TVout feature with Matrox G400.
I got a problem with some movies I got which is encoded in 16bits
colors. I read somewhere (TFM?) that the second head on G400 only
supports 24 and 32 bits (Am I right?).. When I try to play it it shows a
completly black screen not even the OSD shows up.
That got me thinking that the mga_vid module sets a 16bit mode on the
framebuffer (Can that be true, and why when it is not supported?)
By looking in TMF and in the mailinglist archive nobody seems to have
this problem, is it just me?


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