[MPlayer-users] a few questions

Jean-Louis Debert JLD at rsd-intl.com
Wed Mar 20 08:57:01 CET 2002

Hello list,

first of all I want to congratulate the developers for a fine piece
of code. Mplayer is VERY good ... Keep up the good work, and thanks !

My setup:
generic PC with VIA KT133 chipset, AMD Duron 650
Slackware 8.0
gcc  2.95.3
binutils 2.11
linux 2.4.18
XFree 4.10
Matrox G400 DH (with HAL driver from Matrox)
SB PCI128  (ES1371 chipset)
mplayer from CVS-20020314

On my system, mplayer has the best speed using either -vo xv
or -vo xmga (which I suspect are very nearly the same thing ...)
both using -double  (without -double it gives up after a few
minutes of correct playing).
-vo dga can be played but it loses far too many frames to be usable
(looks like 10 frames/s or so). BTW, yes, I have MTRR (XFree takes
care of it).

Now to a few questions:
1. I can't seem to be able to see video on the TV output of the Hollywood+
(I played with a few em8300/adv717x parameters to get rid of the green
screen, which it did, but still no video ...)
My command-line is something like
mplayer -double -vo dxr3 -vc mpegpes -dvd 1 -alang fr
playing starts okay, I get the sound track on the soundcard, the TV
flashes briefly (which seems to indicate that something is received)
but no video ... Any ideas ?

2. reading TFM (as well as the list) I get the feeling that activating
the TV interface on the G400 (on the 2nd connector) is not worth it because
"you don't have HW BES on the 2nd connector" or something like that.
I did read TFM but where does it explain how to configure the TV interface
for the G400 ?

3. (not a big issue) mplayer does not seem to be able to understand
the layout for The Matrix, region 1, DVD (which possibly has a special
layout). It simply gives up after saying that is doesn't find any
usable stream or something like this.
I am using libdvdread 0.9.2 and libdvdcss 0.0.3 from dtek.chalmers.se
and it should be noted that (with the same libs of course) ogle
has absolutely no problem with this DVD.

That's all for now.  Thanks for something already awesome ...

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