[MPlayer-users] Greetings! NetBSD user.. muaaahaha I love pain!

S. D. mplayer at sudog.com
Tue Mar 19 18:39:01 CET 2002

On Friday 15 March 2002 13:03, Gabucino wrote:
> S. D. didn't RTFM :
> > Is there an alternative for DivX 5.0-created video for me? =]
> Absolutely. Just read libavcodec section of the documentation.

Worked nicely; except for one thing: Now DivX5 content with VBR mp3 often 
gets de-sync'ed and chunks have a horrible repetition in them until I seek 
forward, then back again. CPU remains at 50% idle throughout the playing 
of the movie, so it's not like my system is too slow for it.

I looked at the "known bugs" section and it lists my problem on there. 
Unfortunately none of the fixes, including:

-ni or -nobps
-mc 0
-delay (or +/- keys)

-vo null (and then listening) still outputs buggy sound.
-abs option doesn't make a different.

Obviously framedrop wouldn't work because the video is playing at full 
speed and the CPU is plenty powerful enough.

Exact symptoms are perfectly pure movie right up to predictable, specific 
sections of the .avi file, and then--torn, repeating, grossness until I 
seek forward, then back again.

This makes my computer sad. :)

Any pointers? Running MPlayer-20020315 and NetBSD-current.

Thanks for any pointers. Otherwise it works perfectly--really! :)

Sweet software.


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