[MPlayer-users] WMV 8

Mike Melanson melanson at pcisys.net
Sun Mar 17 02:37:01 CET 2002

On 16 Mar 2002, Phill Gillespie wrote:

> I noticed the codecs.conf file says WMV 8 works fine.  I'm having a
> problem that doesn't seem to have come up yet.  Trying to play WMV 8
> files just gives me (initially) a green screen with blocky effects over
> it.  Below is part of the output and if anyone would like to try to play
> the file it can be accessed at http://karr.ath.cx/phill/

	I downloaded the file in its entirety and tried it out. Sure
enough, I see the same type of video you describe whether I use the WMV
binary codecs or FFMPEG. However, I also tried it out in WMP (older
version, v6.01.yadda) and it refused to do anything with the file. Have
you ever known this file to be valid? Did it play with some version of
Windows Media Player? Does it play now? Could it have been corrupted
somehow (e.g., FTP transfer in ASCII mode instead of binary)?

	-Mike Melanson

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