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Haas Wernfried amnenion at xover.htu.tuwien.ac.at
Sat Mar 16 14:58:01 CET 2002

i've read the fine manual and found a few things, that seemed to be outdated
to me. maybe someone can check and correct them. if there is something
actually right in the docs which i considered wrong: sorry.


DOCS/video.html: 3dfx cards
Thus, either wait for 4.2.0 or use the DRI cvs.

update: XF 4.2.0 is already available


Q:  There are error messages about file not found /usr/lib/win32/....
A:  Download w32codec.zip from *our* FTP (avifile's codec package has
    different DLL set). Install it.

update: package was renamed to 
if i am informed correctly.


Q:  I want to play MP3 files with MPlayer !
A:  This feature is not planned. There are much better players (mpg123, 3pm,
    xmms) for this task, use them. BTW, MPlayer stands for Movie Player.
update: even if this feature was not planned, it seems to work for me ;)


2.4.5. Available options
-lameopts br=192:cbr

man mencoder:
              If encoding to MP3 with libmp3lame, you can specify
              its parameters here, like:

                -lameopts br=192

both encoding.html and manpage are right, but i think, that -lameopts br=192
is not enough, because it is also needed to specify cbr.

mencoder -frames 10 test.mpeg -o 64.avi -lameopts br=64
mencoder -frames 10 test.mpeg -o 192.avi -lameopts br=192
produced equal sized files, which did not differ (according to diff), i am not
sure if they are cbr at all.

mencoder -frames 10 test.mpeg -o 64.avi -lameopts cbr:br=64
mencoder -frames 10 test.mpeg -o 192.avi -lameopts cbr:br=192
actually produces files with cbr and bitrate 64/192
maybe the docs could point out more clearly, that br=xxx alone won't be enough
for cbr-encoding.



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