[MPlayer-users] MEDIA SYSTEM

Jamil Buchalla Neto sarge at terra.com.br
Thu Mar 14 18:17:02 CET 2002

I'm building a system to play movie and audio files with mplayer and the 
VESA driver (it's the better driver that works with my riva128 TVOut)

I'm developing a menu system controled by LIRC that will get files from 
my HD/CDROM and mount a playlist.

I wish to know 2 things:
-What are the playlist format for MPlayer?

-What should I use to program this menu  VESA (where can I get support 
for this), FrameBuffer, DirectFB?

I'm a begginer at C programming but I'm not looking for the most easy 
solution but for the best and most portable one.
If in the future I buy an ATI Rage128 card I do not wish to rewrite the 
hole code to make my menu compatible with mplayer and the VO driver that 
I'll have to use.

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