[MPlayer-users] Problem with subtitles

kraml kraml at kraml.net
Thu Mar 14 11:46:02 CET 2002

mplayer: cvs 20020314
Problem: subtitles messed up when using vo_vesa
Details: when plays an avi file with a seperate subtitle file, using -sub opt.
and with vo_vesa, the subtitles displays in the black area blow the grahics.
And the previous one leaves there when the next subtitle draws, so...., hard to 
recognize after a while. If use -subpos 60 to put the subtitles in the graphics
area, this problem been sovled, but the subtitles do a noticeable refresh, which
makes my eyes feel so tired. Then I try to use vo_x11, as default the subtitles
displays in the grphics area, no refresh, perfect display. As vo_x11 is much 
slower than vo_vesa on my system, I had to use vo_vesa
And another hint: If I use the buildin subtitles of the avi file, en. language,
no such problem
So, is it a bug of mplayer doing OSD when using seperated subtitles?

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