[MPlayer-users] DivX5

Marcus Blomenkamp Marcus.Blomenkamp at epost.de
Wed Mar 13 16:03:02 CET 2002

Augusto Beiro wrote:

> I've always though  that Xv was faster than SDL. I've got a slow system for 
> DivX (K6-II 450 320Mb RAM Geforce II MX). 
> Is SDL _really_ faster than xv?
> DGA works awfully

Depends on how well the XFree driver supports XVideo. If it does not 
support hardware colorspace-conversion and/or hardware scaling, DGA 
may/will be faster since there are less steps in between application and 
graphics card (tip: the name _D_irect_G_raphic_A_cess).

Old open-source nv drivers did not support XV for all cards - don't know 
the actual situation since I've got an ATI card.

Enabling MTRR has a GREAT impact on performace. For my system (not 
really fast: Cel466) it made a difference from 'unplayable' to 'at least 
40% idle' for every divx I encountered. However not all revision of K6-2 
support MTRR. You need stepping >=12 IIRC.


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