[MPlayer-users] DivX5

Augusto Beiro abeiro at activasistemas.com
Wed Mar 13 10:38:01 CET 2002

Hi there;

Well, I've found that DivX5 from www.divx.com works quite better than 4.12 on 
Windows. I can see now more movies than before using the Playa and DivX5. 
(Well, they say than now is optimized for AMD and it's faster).So I wanted to 
see DivX5 performance on Linux and MPlayer.

Finally, I could compile Mplayer with Divx5 support, (using libdivxdecore 
from avifile.sourceforge.net). It seems to work well, but it produces some 
noise in such things like subtitles (I see white points in the edge of the 
letters) or when there is some strong contrast (any idea?).

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