[MPlayer-users] Encoding with XviD

Ralph Slooten ralph at delrom.ro
Tue Mar 12 18:46:01 CET 2002

Hi there all,

I am just wondering what exactly is required when wanting to encode a 
DivX file with XviD? Yes I have read the FM, but still have some questions.

If I compile and install just the XviD file, copy the libcore.a to (for 
example) /usr/lib, and link to it with the 
--with-xvidcore=/usr/lib/libcore.a MPlayer detects it, however I get

Checking for XviD/DivX4linux/DivX5linux/OpenDivX decore ... OpenDivX
Checking for XviD/DivX4linux encore (for mencoder) ... no

The ONLY way I have gotten this to compile correctly with the encore 
being "detected" is by copying the decore.h and encore2.h from 
divx4linux into the /usr/lib directory. It then detects and works giving

Checking for XviD/DivX4linux/DivX5linux/OpenDivX decore ... XviD (with 
Checking for XviD/DivX4linux encore (for mencoder) ... XviD (with 

What am I missing here? Could someone please tell me exactly what's 
needed to get the XviD to compile into MPlayer, or is this the 
"official" way?

And suggestions would be of great help.

Thanks in advance

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