[MPlayer-users] Subtitels

Papp Zoltán padre at inf.elte.hu
Tue Mar 12 12:08:02 CET 2002

On Tue, 2002-03-12 at 11:05, Rumen Palov wrote:
> 1. The subtitels are show into the picture of movie. That is 
> start when  I compile last 0.60 version with gui support. 
> Before they are under the movie and i was happy. Then I 
> compile it again without gui, but the subs stay in 
> picture.Is a possible to change the settings and the 
> subtitels to be showt in black space under picture ?? Can I 
> chose i place of subtitels ?? How can i to change a 
> different settings for subtitels?
Well, they say, it's all in the docs. If a feature isn't in the docs,
mplayer can't do it.
But CVS versions work great for me when I use -vo sdl, the subtitles are
displayed in the black part.

> 2. Sometime subtitels change very fast and i cant to read 
> all words.. How to fix that?
Edit the subtitle file :) I think this has nothing to do with mplayer,
most probably in the subtitle file mplayer is told to remove the
subtitle very soon.

> I find one BUG!
> When i play movie with one account and then i change the 
> user account and play the movie with new one the screen shut 
> down and  stay black.It's a possible only to restart the OS 
> with CRTL-ALT-DEL! It's a happedn the same when i try to 
> open lots pictures with some picure Viewer. 
Well, I don't really understand this, but in case you start a movie, and
want to start another, mplayer might lock the audio device, and the
second mplayer may be waiting for the audio device to be released. Does
this also happen when you specify -nosound to the second one?
CTRL-ALT-DEL reaction however means, that your system is still alive.
However this might be a totally bad idea of me, if this isn't the case,
I'm sorry.


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