[MPlayer-users] fullscreen problems

Ponekker Zoltan pontscho at makacs.poliod.hu
Tue Mar 12 10:24:02 CET 2002


> What do you mean? It works fine for me, and I never had a problem, and
> never used -fsmode.
> I'm using sawfish-gnome
> Btw, sawfish is great, and I would miss the keyboard shortcut for the
> terminal :)

Please use fresh cvs version. I'm tested the new code with icewm ( 1.0.9 ),
sawfish ( 1.0.1 ) and working correctly.


> However icewm really needs -fsmode 1, and after switching back from fs,
> it really has no borders, it's not even in the window list.
> Padre
> PS: Sorry if it's already boring, but I would also like to thank all the
> developers and patch-senders, and documentation-maintainers for the
> great job they did in this project!
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