[MPlayer-users] bad performance on 1 GHz PIII notebook

Gabucino gabucino at mplayer.dev.hu
Tue Mar 12 00:47:01 CET 2002

Stephan Hartmann didn't RTFM :
> i have just compiled and installed mplayer 0.60 on my 1 GHz PIII notebook 
> (256 MB RAM, ATI Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2x, plugged in, kernel 2.4.16) and get 
> a really bad performance like on a 386SX.
<Gabucino> pc speaker still not completely supported :(

"I think the developers placed this bug intentionally, so the GUI won't run
on specific systems. They are Debian-lovers, I see this from the docs." -- lama
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