[MPlayer-users] fullscreen problems

daniel carter hedonist at win.co.nz
Mon Mar 11 23:39:58 CET 2002

gabor wrote:

> if i use "mplayer -fsmode 1 my.avi"... everything works normal...
> a normal window.... now i press 'f' ... still everything ok.. 
> a fullscreen window which correctly begins at (0,0)... now i press 'f'
> again... and there's the problem. i get a normal-sized window, which is
> borderless :-(
> any ideas what to do?

I get the same under XFree 4.1 and KDE 2.2.2, i suspect it's either just 
not implemented, or very difficult, to tell the window manager to turn 
decorations back on.

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