[MPlayer-users] divxa32.acm audio module segs

Mark Zealey mark at zealos.org
Mon Mar 11 17:17:02 CET 2002


I recently upgraded from 0.6.0 to the latest cvs version, but now I cannot play
many movies because when I try to, I get this:

Detected audio codec: [divx] drv:4 (DivX audio (WMA))
Initializing audio codec...
======= Win32 (ACM) AUDIO Codec init =======
Input format:
  wFormatTag 353
  nChannels 2
  nSamplesPerSec 22050
  nAvgBytesPerSec 4005
  nBlockAlign 744
  wBitsPerSample 16
  cbSize 10
Output fmt:
  wFormatTag 1
  nChannels 2
  nSamplesPerSec 22050
  nAvgBytesPerSec 88200
  nBlockAlign 4
  wBitsPerSample 16
  cbSize 0
fs seg 0x400e2000
Loading DLL: 'divxa32.acm'

MPlayer interrupted by signal 11 in module: init_audio_codec

Has anyone got any ideas about how I could fix this? (gcc 2.95.3)


Mark Zealey (aka JALH on irc.openprojects.net: #zealos and many more)
mark at zealos.org; mark at itsolve.co.uk

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