[MPlayer-users] preamplification

Stijn De Weirdt stdweird at carl.rug.ac.be
Mon Mar 11 16:03:01 CET 2002


i have some troubles with a divx: the sound is too low. i mean if i want
too hear the sound well, i have to turn my amplifier so high, the noise
gets in too much. (the noise is real noise, not some bad audio-track. it
the kind of noise you get when you just your amplifier too high without
i think it would be nice if i could preamplify the audio signal. does
anybody know a possible solution for this.

audio codec used: AC3-liba52
hardware: CMEDIA cmi8738
athlon XP 1700+ (a7v-266-e + onboard sound)
512 DDR
maxtor 60Gb
ati aiw 7500 radeon

see you


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are 50-50 it will.

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