[MPlayer-users] vcd not playing correctly, uploaded to ft

Jason Radford jradford at iconimaging.net
Sat Mar 9 22:24:02 CET 2002

I just uploaded first 1 meg of Oceans.Eleven.VCD.avi with a
txt file.

This is really the first vcd I've tried to play in mplayer, and
of course I'm using the latest cvs versions of mplayer and ffmeg.  

The txt file describes my system, basically a stock slackware 8.0
install using -vo xv.

Mplayer complains of an avi error when trying to play, and the
output is blocky, sound is fine.

Windows Media player seems to play it fine, if that helps.

Please let me know if anyone needs anything further, as I just
thought the dev team might want to know why it wont play.


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