[MPlayer-users] FYI: notebooks, a-v sync probs and strange procent numbers

Attila Kinali kinali at gmx.net
Sat Mar 9 15:19:02 CET 2002


I just solved a mystery. The mystery about those strange procent 
nummbers people reported from time to time and also a problem with
the A-V sync when RTC is used (picture running faster than sound).

It's all related to the power managment of the bios (not the
kernel apm). It somewhat changes the clock in an unexpected way.
The workaraound is fairly easy: plug in the external power _before_
(i really mean before) you power your notebook on.

Gabu, could you at that to the faq ? thanks

		Attila Kinali

I am a moslem, i am a terrorist.

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