AW: [MPlayer-users] ati radeon 8500

daniel carter hedonist at
Fri Mar 8 12:16:02 CET 2002

Arpi wrote:

>>the gforce chip is MUCH faster than the radeon...
> why?

Because they have a better hardware design team?
And because the linux drivers have way more development effort put into 
them than other linux drivers.

>>the gforce driver is very fast (its from nvidia itself...) but the gforce
> and sometimes very unstable


>>if u want best performance take the nvidia - vidix is coming up...
> dreaming...
> there will be NEVER vidix for nvidia.
>>if u want a flexible and good tv-out solutin witch is already supported by
>>vidix take the ati...
> vidix is designed for ati cards and works well with them

I thought vidix was designed to be a generic, hardware independant 
interface to the BES?  So vidix is really just mga_vid for ati?

VIDIX - Video Interface for *niX.
This library was designed and introduced as interface to userspace drivers
to provide DGA everywhere where it's possible (unline X11).
I hope that these drivers will be portable same as X11 (not only on *nix).

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