AW: [MPlayer-users] ati radeon 8500

dan carter dcarter at
Fri Mar 8 02:41:01 CET 2002

Florian Engelmann wrote:

> the ati drives are not developed by ati and they are open source...
> take a look at to see about the drivers...

xfree86 has opensource drivers for nvidia too, but they are lacking many 
features present in the closedsource drivers (3d, XVideo etc)

> the tv-out signal of the ati card is better and its online at bootup - so u
> can connect ur pc to ur tv an watch the kernel coming up ;)

The geforce card will boot on the TV-Out too.

I've no problems with the geforce2mx tvout quality for watching movies 
and playing games, but trying to read on xconsole on the TV from a 
distance is impossible.

gl hf.

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