[MPlayer-users] Video output problems with DGA and FBDev

David Kuehling dvdkhlng at gmx.de
Fri Mar 8 01:33:01 CET 2002

Those problems might not be mplayer-specific, but I thought someone
might be able to help...

-vo dga (besides locking up the keyboard as others have already complained)
displays all colors with about half intensity.

-vo ggi:dga has the same problem (but luckyly the keyboard works :-)

-vo fbdev displays all colors extremely distorted, which seems to be due to
strange color bit order.  However, after quitting mplayer, when the
console scrolls up with hw-acceleration, colors are suddenly displayed
correctly.  A kernel bug?

-vo ggi:fbdev complains about not being able to set the video mode
 (768x576, although it exists) and aborts

I'm using XFree 4.1.0 (NV driver), Linux 2.4.17 (MTRR enabled), SDL1.2
and (according to "lspci") a 4MB Riva128. My MPlayer is a snapshot of
20020227, compiled with gcc 2.95.4.

Any ideas?  
Thanks in advance,

David Kühling

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