[MPlayer-users] ati radeon 8500

gabor farkas gabor at host.sk
Thu Mar 7 21:24:02 CET 2002


i'm thinking about upgrading my computer with a new graphics card.

as i need 3d performance my only possibilities are either nvidia 
geforce 3/4 alebo ati 8500...

i know that nvidia offers binary drivers for 2d ( xfree.. (xvideo)),
and 3d ( opengl)..

but i don't know about ati 8500... www.ati.com hjas simply no
about that...

so, my questions are:

1. 2d: are there any ati8500 drivers for xfree that support xvideo etc?
2. 3d: are there any opengl drivers for ati8500?

i know that this question is a bit off-topic but maybe not too much...

gabor farkas

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