[MPlayer-users] Fullscreen Bug

oliver oliver at are-b.org
Thu Mar 7 01:00:03 CET 2002

I don't know if you could really call it a bug, but when I start X 
(4.2.0) at say, 1280x960 (No virtual screen size) and start a movie, I 
can get fullscreen size just fine. Then, if i wish to watch this at a 
lower resolution, to say, use TV out, i switch with xvidtune or 
something, down to the desired resolution. X now creates a virtual 
screen size of 1280 960 (even though I told it not too) which doesn't 
have to be a problem, but when i Fullscreen size mplayer, yeah it'll 
fullscreen to the current desktop size, and not window size.

I'd say there's a few ways to do this nicer. First, there could be a 
check to size to resolution instead of desktop. have a secondary 
function for this making it possible to choose what resolution, have a 
predifined FS resolution. wine uses a nice approach to accomplish such a 
thing, it creats a borderless window (for fs stuff) at 0,0 and centers 
the image there.

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