[MPlayer-users] DivX 5.0

René Bartsch rene at bartschnet.de
Tue Mar 5 16:16:01 CET 2002

Maybe it's a problem with their avertising-engine?


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> > "Ing. Roman Polach" wrote:
> > Could be new Windows DivX 5.0 codec used with mplayer??
> > It was released today(?!) on www.divx.com
> Couldn't make it work (at least the -pro version).
> Probably I did something stupid (or at least wrong) : installed it from
> wine, copied divx.dll and divxdec.ax to /usr/lib/win32 (overwriting (a
> copy of) the old DivX-4 codec.
> When playing WarIII trailer I see just a bunch of vertical lines.
> BYtE,
>  Diego.
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