[MPlayer-users] mencoder: 40% filesize difference: K7 vs. PIII

Brian J. Murrell 556e895394a445c6704aedf0e8e0abdb at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue Mar 5 06:29:02 CET 2002

I have two machines, an AMD Athlon TB 800Mhz and a PIII 600Mhz.  I
have very close CVS versions (only not identical because of mplayer's
lack of ability to compile different targets from a common source
pool) of mplayer source on both.  I have a 5Mb/s mpeg1 file I captured
with mp1e that I wanted to re-encode to a 1250kb/s divx.  I tried the
exact same encode on both machines:

$ for pass in 1 2; do
> /usr/src/mplayer/mencoder -pass $pass -divx4opts br=1250 -o dest.avi src.mpeg
> done

The funny thing is they yielded very different results:

Source file:      1166844796 Feb  7 21:00 src.mpeg
PIII dest file:    510535806 Mar  4 00:40 dest.avi
Athlon dest file:  314382496 Mar  4 04:41 dest.avi

Any idea why such the vast difference?

I still have the .log files from each encode if you are at all
interested in seeing them.


Brian J. Murrell
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