[MPlayer-users] video card performance

Paul Ortyl ortylp at 3miasto.net
Mon Mar 4 19:55:02 CET 2002


	Yeah, I know that it is not MPlayer related but...

I discovered a strange (at least for me) behaviour of my Tseng ET600 video

When Acceleration is ON then only -vo DGA lets me watch movies without
framedrop, (it is not a CPU matter -- Athlon 900MHz).  The -vo x11 leads to
framedrops (when watching dumped DVD stream).

When Acceleration is OFF then xterm scrolling is awfully slow.  Only that
MPlayer in -vo x11 is *comparable* in CPU usage to DGA but gives much better
quality (eg. doublebuffer works, OSD doesn't flicker), but anyway still not
every frame is on place (in the video memory) on time (probably slow (???)
video memory or the VIA PCI bridge...).

I'AM REALLY AMAZED  --  Is anyone willing to try to explain that???

I'll have to run two separate XServers (one for ordinary work and one for
movies...).  Does anyone know a way for switching consoles (XServers) under
Linux with a CLI command???

(Tested with XFree-4.2.0, mtrr set properly :)



Paul Ortyl <mailto:ortylp at 3miasto.net>
  Technical University of Gdansk, Telecommunications Faculty

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