[MPlayer-users] Cannot play an avi file

陆 然 hephooey at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 4 15:10:02 CET 2002

Its Format is DivX3.11alpha S.B.C Resolution 512 x 384, Bitrate avg 520kbs 
Audio is Ogg avg 42kbps, about 733M. I cannot use mplayer to play it. the 
readme of this file said it need to install Ogg filter(Ogg Direct Show 
Filter) to play the file in M$'s MediaPlayer. I don't know what is the Ogg 
filter. Is it just a plugin to play ogg sound. How do I know the mplayer in 
my computer can support ogg audio. BTW, I can listen to *.ogg in xmms with 
ogg plugin. 
Please help, thanks very much

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