[MPlayer-users] ERROR: libdvdcss error: css error: ioctl_ReadCopyright failed

Stefan Recksiegel sr at particle.uni-karlsruhe.de
Mon Mar 4 09:50:02 CET 2002

Hi Stephan,

> When I try to start the player with "mplayer -dvd 2" I get an error
> libdvdcss error: css error: ioctl_ReadCopyright failed, make sure DVD

> For this reason I had to "fake" my IDE-Drive as a SCSI device. A

> Has anyone any hints or solution for this?

not a solution but maybe an explanation because I experienced a very
similar problem:

I think that the ide-scsi translator can only translate 'normal', CD-
operation related commands, when I try to play a DVD on an ATAPI
drive that is accessed via ide-scsi I find a message in the kernel
logs that says that ide-scsi could not translate a command that
was given to it. This was kernel 2.4.2, maybe this has already been
fixed in a newer kernel so that ide-scsi knows about the command
necessary to authenticate a DVD.

A workaround would be to access the drive as a normal IDE drive
and only use the scsi-emulation for burning CDs.


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