[MPlayer-users] lirc problem

Horváth István suti at nuk.teteny.elte.hu
Sun Mar 3 01:22:02 CET 2002

hy guys

i have a problem with this new mplayer stuff(today's cvs).
i noticed about before a week, that the input has changed(called new

but after this i can not use correctly my remote control, somebody told me
in this list, that in the .lircrc file, the prog name changed from
mplayer_lirc to mplayer.

so i changed all occurrences!
but it doesn't work.
and an another problem (this started at the same time like the above).
so when i press the / or * keys the mplayer isn't adjust the volme! and
the osd displays only the:

"volume sign" [..............................]

and nothing more!!

anyone could help me??

thanks a lot

best regards

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