[MPlayer-users] HOWTO get rid of SwScaller

Paul Ortyl ortylp at 3miasto.net
Sat Mar 2 19:59:02 CET 2002


	I'm using DGA output because of my "slow" video card (ET6000). I have a
problem with selection of the right video mode.  I'd like to see my DVD
coded in 720x576 to be displayed at 720x614 (so that the aspect is correct
and no scaling is necessary).  There IS 720x614 mode defined in XF86Config
and it works.  Options -x 720 -y 614 do not work (at least not as explained
in " DGA" section in the docs).  Even when tweaking values for
-aspect and -monitoraspect the proper 720x614 video mode with 720x576
picture size is never selected (the mode is wrong or the picture rescaled). 
I've already tried many combinations of values for the -x -y -aspect and
-monitoraspect options and without a "no scaling" result.  There is always
some _scalling_ selected.  I'd like no scalling (as the docs say) and no
"zoom" (as in my config file specified), but the default mode for the
720x576 film with aspect 1.78 is 1024x768 with scaling in both directions 
(X and Y).

	Anyway, with the scaling average CPU usage is 60-75% (of my 900MHz
Athlon) and sometimes it can be seen as the frames are being drawn (on fast
moving scenes with vertical edges).

	Is there a cure for the scaling so that CPU usage would be smaller and
the needed throughput to the video card optimal.

(MPlayer version: yesterday)


Paul Ortyl <mailto:ortylp at 3miasto.net>
  Technical University of Gdansk, Telecommunications Faculty

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