[MPlayer-users] Re: NeoMagic driver

Stefan Recksiegel sr at particle.uni-karlsruhe.de
Fri Mar 1 03:47:01 CET 2002

Hi Tamas and others,

> > I must apologise, I did not RTMF carefully. It says DGA not Xv. I installed
> > X 4.2.0 and DGA works with my NeoMagic 256AV (NM2200). It seems that Xv is
> > not usable.
> > 
> > Is there any experience about playing DVD with Celeron 333 (Mendocino, model
> > 6 stepping 10)?
> I have the same video chip on my Sony Vaio P3-350, but can't get DGA to
> work (waiting for debian X 4.2.0 packages).
> How is your experience playing divx movies with mplayer and the DGA

I have a PentiumII-333MHz notebook with a 256AV. The good news is:
I managed to get DGA to work with X4.0.3 and the new neomagic driver from
the mplayer web-site. (It did not work with the neomagic driver that originally
came with 4.0.3 and I had to give -ignoreABI for the new driver to work.)

The bad news is: There is a speed increase from X11 to DGA, but the system
is still too slow to play DVD under Linux. This is actually not too surprising
since under Window$ it is just about fast enough and Window$ uses the 256AV's
colourspace converter. Unless somebody writes an Xv driver for the neomagic
chipsets, these notebooks will not be able to play DVDs under Linux.

Tamas: I did not get the vesa driver to work (something like mmap complaining
about problems accessing /dev/zero), but since DGA is supposed to be faster
than vesa anyway, I did not try too hard.


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