[MPlayer-users] localization problem with ~/.mplayer/gui.conf

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at cti.gr
Wed Jul 31 14:16:03 CEST 2002

In recent CVS snapshots of MPlayer, mplayer -gui crashes upon startup
with a bunch of errors such as:

parameter must be a floating point number or a ratio 
(numerator[:/]denominator): 0,000000

(I just verified that this is still so with the CVS-020731-14:09-2.95.3

I am running MPlayer under the Greek locale (el_GR), where decimal numbers
have a decimal comma instead of a decimal point (e.g., 1,000000 instead
of 1.000000). It would seem that MPlayer writes ~/.mplayer/gui.conf
taking the locale into consideration, but does not take the locale into
consideration when reading the file, thus getting confused by those
commas.  Replacing the commas with periods allows me to bring up the
GUI once, but then the file is overwritten with the comma version again.

A quick work-around is to invoke mplayer using:
  LC_ALL=en_US mplayer -gui
which makes mplayer believe it is running under the US English locale,
so that it does not write decimal numbers using commas.

This has happened under both Red Hat Linux 7.3 and x86 Solaris 2.8,
so it should be a relatively configuration-independent problem.
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