[MPlayer-users] aalib and rootwin problem

GS HUNT ghunt at cogeco.ca
Wed Jul 31 00:44:02 CEST 2002

I'm no genius but... if you're trying to play it in KDE or Gnome.. that 
might be part of your problem.

Try it in Icewm. It worked great.

I couldn't get it to work in KDE or Gnome... it might have something to 
do with how these managers draw to the root window. There is an option 
to allow support programs... like Xpenguins but even with that enabled 
it didn't seem to help.


Rupert Reddington wrote:

>Lo all,
>I've just run into a problem with aalib output from mplayer - I really want
>it to play in the rootwindow (using -rootwin) but can't convince it to play
>Is this a software limitation somewhere (so I should seek another solution)
>or is my wetware at fault (so I should stop messing with things I don't
>Any clues would be much appreciated.
>Rupert - struggling to use linux in theatre...

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