Xpert]Re: [MPlayer-users] X hangs on Ati Rage128AIW

Gustavo Alberto Homem gach at mega.ist.utl.pt
Mon Jul 29 22:40:02 CEST 2002

> gustavo <gach at mega.ist.utl.pt> writes:
> > Solution: mandrake 8.2 came with a driver from Gatos (gatos.sf.net) that
> > fixed these problems. (thanks Mandrake).
> I'll check Mandrake snap of gatos drivers but I tried gatos drivers (from cvs,
> few months ago) and still had hangs.

That's true. Before mandrake 8.2 I also tried gatos drivers and they were
still crashing with bttv, so I guess that someon on mdk solved the problem
somehow. Btw, the driver I use is the default one installed by mandrake
8.2 , I didn't have to look around for any other.

I am really quite busy now, so I can't investigate further. If you
discover how mandrake fixed this it would be useful to post it to xpert I

Best regards
Gustavo Homem

> > With the dri kernel module, I can use Xv  (with xine or mplayer), 3D GL apps,
> > and bttv grabbing without any problem.
> >
> > Best regards
> > Gustavo
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