[MPlayer-users] Processor Speed Requirements

sriprabha sriprabha at tenet.res.in
Mon Jul 29 14:12:01 CEST 2002

My name is Sriprabha. I would like to know the minimum processor speed requirements for playing VCD (MPEG 1) movies using MPlayer with an optimized performance. 
We are using the following: 
Processor: Cyrix MediaGX with MMX 1 support 
Processor Speed: 233MHz 
Linux: Redhat 7.1 
Xfree86 Version (4.x version did not work out well) 
We tried Mplayer and and it seemed to be too slow. With framedrop option and/or fullscreen option, the smoothness was highly reduced. 
Please let me know your suggestions regarding the minimum processor speed requirements as far as MPlayer is concerned. 
Awaiting reply 
Thanks in advance 

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