[MPlayer-users] Configure drives me to despair

Glyn glyn.kennington at hertford.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Jul 29 11:04:01 CEST 2002

Jan Luehr wrote:
> well, I'm trying to compile the latest cvs snapshot. The following 
> problem apperas in 0.90pre5, too. May you also please include a 
> spellcheck for the arguments?
> I type:
> dagobert:/tmp/MPlayer-20020729# ./configure --prefix=/ust/local/mplayer 
> --with-win32libdir=/usr/local/w32codec-0.60/ --enable-xv --enable-x11 

(Do you mean /usr/local/ and not /ust/local/ ?)

> I get:
> Optimizing for: athlon mmx mmx2 3dnow 3dnowex sse mtrr
>   Enabled optional drivers:
>     Input: network tv mpdvdkit vcd
>     Codecs: divx5linux
>     Audio output: alsa9 oss mpegpes(file)
>     Video output: vesa mpegpes(file) fbdev
>   Disabled optional drivers:
>     Input: tv-v4l tv-bsdbt848 cdda dvdnav dvdread dvdcss
>     Codecs: divx4linux xvid libavcodec real xanim directshow win32 
> libvorbis libmad
>     Audio output: sgi sun arts dxr2 nas sdl
>     Video output: xvidix zr dxr3 dxr2 sdl gif89a jpeg png svga aa ggi 
> xmga mga opengl dga xv x11 directfb tdfxfb 3dfx
> What's wrong here?

You're going to need the full output of ./configure to work out why it
disabled all those drivers.  It suggests that lots of include files are
either not installed, or not in the places that configure is looking in.


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