[MPlayer-users] divx on dvb-out (mpegpes)

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Sun Jul 28 23:30:10 CEST 2002


> I have bought last week a siemens dvb-s card. Now I have compiled mplayer with 
> dvb-support. I tested it with some vob's layin' around on my HD an it work 
> beautiful. Than I tested some (s)vcd and everything is fine too. But if i 
> want to watch some divx nothing happens than a sig11. Since I use the false 
> gcc , i wont give a full bugreport here. My question:
> Does this work ? If yes with what codec ?(ffdivx ? divxds? anything else ?) 
yes, with any

> I'm using -vo mpegpes -ao mpegpes for output. 

> have anyone an advice for me what to do ? I wont upgrade the gcc since I will 
> install Mdk9.0beta in near future and have then gcc3.1 .

sig11 probably comes from your gcc
anyway you need -vop lavc or -vop fame, RTFM for details the DVB section, it
isn't trivial... you HAVE TO rtfm

> ...
> Start playing...

NEVER EVER cut the log, and ALWAYS use -v

> So what codec is compatible with mpegpes ?

divx can't be decoded by teh card. wonder?
you need to use a filter to make mpeg1 from divx...

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