[MPlayer-users] Re: shrink a movie

ChristianHJW christianhjw at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Jul 28 08:15:01 CEST 2002

"Andreas Hasenack" <andreas at conectiva.com.br> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:20020727193441.GB16480 at conectiva.com.br...
> Thanks, will try that first. Should even be faster :)

Another tip :

Pretty soon XCD should be available, at least for Ogg files. XCD will allow
you to burn 800 MB on a normal 80 mins CD without overburning, because all
the data will be burnt in mode 2 form 2, like with S-VCDs, means without 3rd
layer of ECC ( Error Correction, Reed Solomon ).

A first impression is to be found here :


To be able to play it you need the test6 DShow filter, and i heard that avih
was discussing with mplayer people lately about support for mplayer. The
test6 filter will allow S-VCD playback on Windows also, so it should be
quite easy to do for mplayer dev team as i know you can play S-VCDs already
( pure mode 2 form 2 ).

Only downside for the time being is that all data are burnt in pure mode 2
form2 , means without any ECC, not even for the headers of the file ( dont
try this with AVIs ... Ogg is more forgiving ). This will be made in next
step, headers of the Ogg file are to be stored in mode 2 form 1 ( with ECC,
same as/similar to mode 1 ) , so the file can be played in any case, maybe
with a few drops/glitches if the CD is really badly scratched.


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