[MPlayer-users] determining framerate from asf files

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Jul 25 19:31:01 CEST 2002


> > Does anyone have any clues on how I could determine what the framerate is
> > for an asf file?
> I'm not an expert but I have used ASF files sometimes. The problem is that the 
> framerate is not a fixed value, as it changes acording with the scene.
> What I have done to encode them as avi files is to use mencoder and trying 
> different framerates with "-ofps". If you choose one value too high you will 
> see a big amount of lines with "duplicate frame" appearing on your screen. If 
> the value is too low, you will see those lines with "skip frame".
> You have to try different values as to see the minimum amount of lines 
> appearing (etter to read "duplicate" than "skip").
> Usually with two or three tries you find it. For sound, sometimes it is better 
> to write simply " -oac copy" than trying to encode it with "mp3lame".
> Good luck!

this should go into teh DOCS... (Diego?)

also note that realmedia and vivo files are variable framerate too, and also
.mov supports this but most .mov files has constant duration

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