[MPlayer-users] big trouble: machine locks up hard with "mplayer -vo xv"

Olivier Robert skyshadow at planet.nl
Wed Jul 24 16:07:01 CEST 2002

On Tuesday 23 July 2002 14:59, Nilmoni Deb wrote:
>         I have always used mplayer in the past at 24 depth without this
> problem. Also, 16-bit color makes no difference at all. Just to let u
> know, using '-vo x11' or disabling hardware acceleration solves the
> problem but thats hardly a solution.

Same problem here. My solution was to disable openGL acceleration for my ATI 
Mobility M3. I could not see any other solution to fix it. And as I don't 
want to hit the reset button every time I use mplayer, ... ;-)
Olivier Robert
Compaq Presario 1800XL-484 powered by Red Hat Linux 7.3
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