[MPlayer-users] SVCD from DVD, with subtitles and 5.1 sound

Rick Warner rick at sapphire.no-ip.com
Wed Jul 24 06:29:02 CEST 2002

On Tuesday 23 July 2002 01:24 pm, mplayer-users-request at mplayerhq.hu wrote:
> [MPlayer-users] SVCD from DVD, with subtitles and 5.1 sound

SVCD format doesn't support 5.1 sound- it is restricted to mp2 audio

I have been successfully using transcode to convert to svcd
The usage is as follows

make a file called xsvcd.prof containing the following:
  max_file_size = 690
  max_bitrate = 2600000.0
  quant_value = 5

max_file_size sets a cutoff for when to change cd's
quant_value is your quality control.  lower is better.  I find 5 to be a happy 
medium.  The max bitrate allowed by the svcd spec is something like 2650, so 
I just set mine to 2600.  Supposedly, many svcd players support much higher 
bitrates.. but you'll end up with very short discs.....

run transcode as follows
transcode -i /dev/dvd -T 1,-1,1 -V -y mpeg -F s,0,xsvcd.prof -E 44100 -b 128 
--export_asr 2 -Z 480x480 -j -80,0,-80,0 --pulldown -J resample -o 

explanation of options (i took me forever to actually know how these worked)
-T says title 1, all chapters (-1), and angle 1
-V speeds up processing by using yuv internally
-y mpeg uses transcode's built in mpeg encoder
-F s,0,xsvcd.prof  says to use svcd format, don't change scale (0 is don't 
scale- you'll probably need -Z to resize, so typically this is 0), and use 
additional parameters found in xsvcd.prof
-E 44100 sets audio rate
-b 128 sets audio kbps - i have found that it crashes with values other than 
--export_asr 2     sets aspect ratio of svcd to 4:3  (see explanation below)
-Z 480x480   svcd'd (ntsc at least) have to be 480x480
-j -80,0,-80,0      when working with 16x9 sources, you should add black bars 
above and below since a good number of players have problems with svcd's in 
16:9 format- this retains the 16:9 aspect by actually encoding black bars 
above and below
--pulldown   is used when source is 23.976 to set 3:2 pulldown flags and make 
it 29.97 like the svcd format requires
-J resample uses the external sox resampler since transcode's internal one is 
broken (not using this option will result in out of sync movies)
-o is just the output file- first files will be foo.mpa(audio stream) & 
foo.m2v(video stream)   the next cd will be foo-001.mpa foo-001.m2v and so on 
and so on for every file

Once the m2v and mpa files are made, you need to multiplex them into a single 
mpg (for each cd) use
tcmplex -o <output>.mpg -i <output>.m2v -p <output>.mpa -m s

once that is done, use vcdimager (separate package-gnu package)
vcdimager -t svcd -c movie1ofX.cue -b movie1ofX.bin --add-dir=SEGMENT 

the --add-dir=SEGMENT is for compatibility with some players

then burn the resulting bin/cue files with cdrdao -- you'll need to make one 
set of bin/cue files for each disc you make

Windows is a 32 bit patch to a 16 bit GUI based on a 8 bit operating
 system, written for a 4 bit processor by a 2 bit company which can
 not stand 1 bit of competition.

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